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On September 30, 2022, the non-profits International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. and the Monterey History and Art Association, hosted a Jo Mora Days printing event. This first Jo Mora event of its kind, was designed to print two cartes – California, 1945 and Los Angeles, 1942 – by Jo Mora using only his original black ink printing block of each image. As those blocks feature the details of what would become the finished four-color prints, the black ink images are very engaging unto themselves. Hand inked and hand pulled through the press, the prints have slight variations in each and may have a finger print or two in the extended paper border, but nonetheless they are very striking in appearance.

The cartes are currently available, in a limited edition of only 23 prints, and can be purchased in a matched numbered pair or individually. Each print comes with its same numbered Print Documentation Info page. The price, $146.00 per print, is based on Jo Mora’s age as of October 22, 2022 from 1876 – why not?

The prints will be mailed – USPS Priority – rolled and if purchased in a pair, shipping will be waved. The proceeds from the printing event were shared by both organizations and sales of these prints will support MHAA as does all of the sales found here on this website.

California Carte

Los Angeles Carte

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IPM Director and master printer Mark Barbour with one of the first prints of Los Angeles.