The Artwork page is intended to give viewers a brief overview of the wide ranging subject matter that appeared in Jo Mora’s art and to introduce the variety of mediums he skillfully used. Click on the images for a larger view.

Jo Mora Painting
This elegant painting exemplifies Jo's interest in early California history and his keen sense of design as seen in the decorative border.
Studio view of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
This studio view of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, now seen in Golden Gate park in San Francisco, would lead to the whole family moving to the Monterey Peninsula.
1968 Byrds album cover, Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Through the business of Jo Mora Jr., the creative graphic art of Jo Mora would find its way into popular culture.
Pen and ink drawing of horse and rider
This pen and ink drawing from one of Jo Mora's sketchbooks demonstrates his outstanding abilities as an illustrator.
Cartoon from the Boston Herald
Early in his professional career as an artist, Jo created cartoons for the Boston Herald newspaper.
Animaldom: The Complete Series of Published Comics Created by J.J. Mora
Study of the Animaldom comics by Joss Grandeau with Jo Mora's original notebooks
Artwork from the Camp Zachary Taylor Newspaper
During military training for World War I, Jo worked on the Camp Zachary Taylor newspaper.
Yosemite advertisement from the Los Angeles Times
Personifying forest animals was a continuous theme of Jo's as seen in this ad for Yosemite for the Los Angeles Times newspaper.
Sphinx from the San Jose Athletic Club
Jo Mora was gifted at creating the sculptural adornments on large buildings as seen is this detail at the now San Jose Athletic Club in San Jose, CA.
Menu with anthropomorphic animals
Jo Mora's anthropomorphic animal murals were so engaging that they were used as art on walls, menus, and postcards.
Book illustration
Jo often illustrated books for publishers, the income from which enabled him to travel to, explore, and eventually move to the western United States.
Illustration for Benito and Loreta Delfin, Children of Alta California by Dorothy Lyman Leetch, 1932
The history of early California would be another ongoing theme of Jo's as newlywed couples can be seen in drawings, paintings, sculptures, and on Jo's cartes.
Illustrated Carmel Dairy bottle
This very rare colored milk bottle was created for the dairy in exchange for eggs, milk and cheese.
Bas relief panel, Monterey County Courthouse, Salinas, CA
This bas relief panel is one of many sculptural pieces Jo created for the Works Progress Administration era Monterey County Courthouse in Salinas, CA.